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Bach Bush Flower Remedies

Guide to the Bach Flower Remedies

This will give you a brief outline of the Bach Flower healing system.

In selection of a remedy from the outlined Bach Flower remedies, we recommend that you eliminate all flowers that may not be appropriate. Read through the list again, and then leave a maximum of five or six of the most important flowers, applicable to your required needs.

In selecting an appropriate remedy for your needs, we suggest that you make an appropriate list of the Bach Flower remedies you require (with a maximum of five or six remedies) and email or phone us with your list so that it may be made for your specific needs.

  1. Agrimony: those who suffer considerable inner torture which they try to dissemble behind a facade of cheerfulness.
  2. Aspen: Anxiety, apprehension, fear, and foreboding of unknown things.
  3. Beech: Critical and intolerant of others arrogant
  4. Centaury: Weakness of will, those who let themselves be exploted or imposed upon become subservient, difficulty in saying "no".
  5. Cerato: Those wo doubt their own judgement seeks advice from others, often influenced and misguided.
  6. Cherry Plum: Fear of metnal collapse, desperation, loss of control and fear of causing harm. Vicious rage.
  7. Chestnut Bud: Refusal to learn by experience, continually repeating the mistake.
  8. Chicory: The over-possessive, demands respect or attention (selfishness) likes others to conform to their standards. Makes martyr of oneself.
  9. Clematis: Indifferent, inattentive, dreamy absentminded. Mental escapist from reality.
  10. Crab Apple: Cleanser, feels unclean or ashamed of ailments. Self disgust, hatred.
  11. Elm: For temporary feelings of inadequacy, overwhelmed by responsibility.
  12. Gentian: Easily discouraged. Disappointments and known depressions.
  13. Gorse: Despair and hoplessness, utter despondency "what's the use".
  14. Heather: People who are obsessed with own troubles and experiences. Talkative 'bores' poor listeners.
  15. Holly: For those who are jealous, envious, revengeful and suspicious,. For those who hate.
  16. Honeysuckle: For those with nostalgia and who constantly dwell in the past.
  17. Hornbeam: 'Monday Morning' feeling but once started, task is usually fulfilled. Procrastination.
  18. Impatiens: Impatient, irritability.
  19. Larch: Despondency due to lack of self confidence; expectation of failure, so fails to make the attempt. Feels inferior though has the ability.
  20. Immulus: Fear of known things. Shyness, timidity.
  21. Mustard: Deep Gloom, depression that descends for no known cause and lifts just as suddenly. Melancholy.
  22. Oak: Brave determined types, struggles on against adversity despite setbacks. Plodders.
  23. Olive: Exhaustion and utter weariness, tiredness, both mental and physical.
  24. Pine: Feelings of guilt. Blames self for mistakes of others. Feels unworthy.
  25. Red Chestnut: Excessive fear and anxiety for others especially those held dear.
  26. Rock Rose: Terror, extreme fear or panic.
  27. Rock Water: For those who are hard on themselves, often over worked. Rigid minded, self denying
  28. Scleranthus: Uncertainty, indecision, vaciliation. Fluctuating moods.
  29. Star of Bethlehem: For all kinds of shock, mental or physical.
  30. Sweet Chestnut: Despair of those who have reached the limits of endurance - only oblivion left.
  31. Vervain: Over-enthusism, over effort; straining, finatical and highly strung. Incensed by injustices.
  32. Vine: Dominating, inflexible, ambitious, tyranical. Loves Power and make good leaders.
  33. Walnut: Protection remedy from powerful influences and help adjustment to any transition or change eg puberty, menopause, divorce, new surroundings.
  34. Water Violet. Proud, reserved, sedate types, sometimes superior. Little emotional involvement but reliable, dependable.
  35. White Chestnut: Persistent unwanted thoughts. Pre-occupation with some worry or episode. Mental arguments.
  36. Wild Oats: Helps determine one's intended path in life.
  37. Wild Rose: Resignation, apathy. Drifters who accept their lot. Making little effort for improvement - lacks ambition.
  38. Willow: Resentment and bitterness with 'not fair' and 'poor me' attitude.
  39. Rescue Remedy: A combination of Cherry, Plum, Clematis, Impatiens, Rock Rose, Star of Bethlehem. All purpose emergency composite for shock, terror, panic, emotional upsets, stage fright, dentistry, and etc. Can also be applied externally to burns, bites and sprains


    Confidence Essence 25mL

    Confidence Essence 25mL

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