Creams and Ointments

Preparation of Creams and Ointments

Creams and ointments are something that even most non-compounding pharmacies claim they are able to do. This could not be more wrong unfortunately! This is like stating that all restuarants are able to provide perfect french cuisine! Something that for instance a chinese restuarant may not be able to lay claim to! In a way they would be able to, but only with the correct equipment and appropriate training techniques, much like a pharmacy being able to prepare every item specific to your needs.

We at Hatton and Laws Compounding Pharmacy have the equipment and training to ensure that creams and ointments made for you contain the correct base cream for the formulation, that will not affect the active ingredients in a negative way, and that will be made using equipment to ensure that a smooth, consistent product is made for you each and every time. 

We have a dedicated room set to making our compounds; it is not the workbench/lunch table/staff room that other pharmacies may use in the preparation of their compounds. We ensure that it is clean and hygienic, and we offer it available for your personal inspection (or even that of your doctor's!) should you so require.

Equipment has changed from using a glass slab (that may have been used to prepare lunch), to using an Ungulator (electronic mortar and pestle) and an ointment mill, to ensure thorough and consistent mixing of cream/ointment and then to ensure small particle sizes.

ointment mill

Creams and Ointments commonly prepared include:

  • BHRT Creams including ingredients such as testosterone, estrone, estriol, estradiol, (or 'Bi-Est'), DHEA
  • Ung Cocois Co (Coal tar solution, salicylic acid and or sulphur combinations in coconut oil)
  • Salicylic Acid of varying concentrations
  • Urea Creams of varying concentrations
  • Sulphur Creams of varying concentrations
  • Herbal creams with different herbal constituents
  • Pain and analgesic combinations including anti-inflammatories and/or local anaesthetics. These may be prescribed from your doctor and may be of a greater strength than the usual over the counter preparations
  • Rectal ointments to provide ingredients suitable for haemorrhoids or anal fissures, for which common over the counter ingredients may not be suitable, or may cause pain and other side effects.
  • Wart creams and other associated preparations for warts
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