Paediatric and Infant Medications

Infant and Paediatric Medications

Children's requirements for medication can be quite different to what may be commerically available. For instance some children may require medication for specific conditions for which there is not a commercially available medication, or the commercially available medication may contain colours, flavours, or preservatives that are not compatible with the child's needs. For instance, rather than having to swallow a handful of tablets, we can make medication such that it is a solution that can be more easily swallowed or combine them into a single capsule.

We commonly see prescriptions from local and interstate doctors for medications prescribed specifically for children.

Medications commonly compounded for children include:

  • Melatonin Solution 1mg/mL up to 10mg/mL
  • Melatonin capsules of varying concentrations in an assortment of flavours
  • Omeprazole suspensions varying from 1mg/mL to 10mg/mL in an assortment of flavours
  • Clonidine suspensions varying from 10mcg/mL to 500mcg/mL in an assortment of flavours
  • Paracetamol and analgesic suspensions that are customised to each childs requirements (flavoured or not, preserved or not, coloured or not)

Please Contact us to discuss your childs individual needs.



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