About our PCCA Membership

As mentioned on numerious of our content webpages, Hatton and Laws Compounding Pharmacy is proud to be a PCCA Member. You may ask 'What does this mean for me?'

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Well, there's three things that we'd like to address. PCCA offers us, Hatton and Laws Compounding Pharmacy:

The best products

PCCA offers member pharmacies the most extensive product line in the industry.

  • More than 7,000 products and 14,000 SKUs include fine chemicals, proprietary bases, flavors, devices, equipment, pharmacy software, as well as nutraceutical and cosmeceutical lines.

  • PCCA has the most extensive stock of compounding chemicals available, with more than 4,560 chemicals that exceed industry standards for quality and purity.

  • PCCA offers more than 60 proprietary bases for use by member pharmacies.

  • Members and consultants have access to a database of more than 8,000 active proprietary formulas that have been pre-tested using PCCA chemicals and are continuously reviewed and updated.

The highest quality

From the moment a chemical arrives at PCCA headquarters/repackaging facilities, to the time it ships to a member, it is monitored by PCCA Quality Control and Quality Assurance personnel.

If the product is compromised in any way, it fails the inspection and is rejected. At PCCA, we will not compromise on quality because YOUR life depends on it.

  • Fourteen checks and analyses are performed on each chemical lot as it comes in and as it is repacked.
  • PCCA rejects almost 200 chemical lots each year or just over three chemical lots received per work week. 

The most extensive expertise

PCCA provides a wealth of resources and support to help compounding pharmacists strengthen their skills and expand their influence to meet the unique healthcare needs of individuals like you!

  • PCCA conducts more than 115 in-person and online training or education events each year.
  • PCCA’s Pharmacy Consulting Department answers more than 600 calls a day about preparing medications for patients.
  • The average response time is less than 30 minutes.
  • PCCA has more than 30 pharmacists and pharmaceutical chemists on-hand – more than any other competitor.

We have been priviledged to have been provided with this video from the CEO of PCCA, provided from Houston, Texas USA, the base for PCCA worldwide, and where they began more than 30 years ago.

Further information can be found at their websites:

PCCA (USA): http://www.pccarx.com

PCCA Australia: http://www.pccarx.com.au 





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